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Il Ciclo produttivo dei nostri prodotti

Where does our production

  • Since the beginning of the last century, the Paleni family transformed into cheese the zone's mountain milk obtained from the pastures of mount Avaro. To this day the old tradition continues in the new premises of the Paleni Cheese dairy in Casazza, where the typical cheeses of the Bergamo valleys are produced.

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  • Milk collection

    The milk is collected daily in the pastures of Valle Cavallina, Alto Sebino e Valle Seriana.

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  • Drain milk in storage tanks

    The milk collected is stored in refrigerated tanks.

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  • Cheese Production

    The milk is left in the multipurpose coagulation to making cheese.

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  • Commissioning and pre-press stewing

    The cheese obtained is placed on the forming molds, turned regularly and maintained at a constant temperature until salting.

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  • Cured products

    The cheese is placed in brine tanks where it stays for a variable time depending on the size of the product.

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  • Cheese seasoning

    The seasoning is done in underground storage at a temperature controlled humidity. Seasoning varies by product type: a minimum of 45 days to 1 year.

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  • Marked in focus

    The cheeses are marked in focus prior to commercialization.